Brake Services & Repair

A vehicles braking system is easily its most important system. Properly working brakes keep drivers and their family’s safe by allowing them to slow the speed of a vehicle or stop quickly in an emergency.

Improperly working brakes lengthen stopping distances, decrease a drivers ability to avoid road hazards, and increase the likelihood of an accident.

A normal brake job on a typical car with quality parts shouldn’t brake the bank, but it also cant be done for as little as $89.95.

A properly done brake job includes…

  • Changing the brake pads and or shoes with quality replacement parts.
  • Examining and cleaning all brake hardware.
  • Cleaning and lubing all metal contact points.
  • Resurfacing the rotors and or drums.
  • Torquing the wheels to spec.
  • Top off break fluid.
  • Thorough test drive.

Please call 916-934-5200 to make a brake inspection appointment.

Brake Pads


Brake Repair