A/C Services

A properly working HVAC system can be your best friend in the summer months here in California. We service all vehicle A/C systems from 1994 and up (R134a-R1234). If your vehicle is older than 1994 and uses R12, ask us about retrofitting your vehicle to R134a.
It is wise to have your Air Condition system checked by a licensed professional if it is not working as well as it should. Avoid the temptation to go to your local auto parts store and purchase a small, do it yourself can of freon for two reasons.

* These cans usually contain a “stop leak” or “conditioner” that will likely do more harm than good to your vehicles A/C system.

* Your vehicle may not need freon. Many things can cause your air conditioner to work poorly or not at all. A trained professional with the proper equipment can accurately diagnose your HVAC system, and help avoid costly mistakes.