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5 Star Reviews:



 5stars NORA M Customer since 2011

My experience with Scott and The Car Docs was wonderful as usual. He is so incredibly fair, conscientious, and knowledgeable. It is such a relief to know someone who is so trustworthy and good at what he does. Thank you so much.

 5stars NANCY S Customer since 2012

As always Scott, owner/operator of The Car Docs does me just fine. Wish I had found him years ago. He is honest, reasonable, will not try to get you to have things done that are not needed. He is the Best!!!!!!! I will not take my car to anyone but him.

 5stars NANCY S Customer since 2012

Scott, owner operator is the best. He is reasonable, will not try to sell you any work that is not needed. He is very honest and reliable. Gives you a price and that is what you pay. Get the work done in a timely manner and when he tells you he will have your car finished. He will tell you if he see’s something that might need to be done in the near future. I will never take my car to anyone but him. He is the best! Thank you Scott. N. Scott

5stars KATHERINE B Customer since 2014

very well

 5stars Venita M Customer since 2010

It was done quickly, efficiently. Scott review with me what had been done and what was needed to keep my car in top operating condition. Even though he does not do tires, he inspected mine and made recommendations for replacement but also told me that I would not need alignment which some dealers try to sell to everyone who walks in their store. I have to have confidence in the reliability of my car because I travel from Fresno to Redding and Reno to SF.

 5stars Anonymous Verified customer

I took my Honda to Scott at the Car Docs with a door lock issue. He was able to work with the warranty company and finish the repairs the same day. I’m driving in a more secure car, returned to me in a timely manner. Scott is always honest about the type of repairs needed, what can wait, and how much it will cost.

 5stars Henry S Customer since 2010

Scott did front brakes and they work fine and the price was right

 5stars Henry S Customer since 2010

had a water pump and timing belt put in and it was done on time and runs great

 5stars Chris C Customer since 2010

Great service that you can trust! I always refer my friends here.

 5stars JOHN M Customer since 2013

Scott always does excellent work and explains if something odd or extra should be addressed. I trust his judgement.

 5stars Anonymous Verified customer

Always treats me with respect, humor and politeness. Great work done on our car!

 5stars LOIS S Customer since 2013

Scott is always thorough with his work on my ’06 Buick. I appreciate his honesty and good work.

Lois Serre

 5stars Venita M Customer since 2010

Service is efficient with time frames as promised and the warranties on the work are an added bonus.

 5stars Nick Z Customer since 2010

Great services affordable prices and excellent customer service.

 5stars Chris C Customer since 2010

Great as always!

 5stars NANCY S Customer since 2012

As usual the service was wonderful. Scott, owner, does a great job keeping my 15 year old auto on the road in a safe condition. Got lots of miles on it too. I would never go anywhere else to have my car serviced. Thank you Scott Car Doc.

5stars Anonymous Verified customer

Very easy to understand and honest.

 5stars ROB S Customer since 2012

Scott is a great business owner and mechanic. I trust Scott totally to take care of our vehicles. He does a great job and informs you of problems he sees that you might not be aware of and never tries to sell you work that is not needed. I hope he is in business forever.

 4stars Teresa B Customer since 2010

Very thorough, provides a clear description of issues, clean, helpful and very personable

 5stars CONNIE P Customer since 2010

Love this place! Convenient, easy, reasonable, honest and knowledgeable!

 5stars Henry S Customer since 2010

quick turnaround and very reasonable prices

 5stars MARGARET L Customer since 2014

Very responsive. Timely and accurate. Very cost conscious.

 5stars Chris C Customer since 2010

Great service as always!

 5stars NANCY S Customer since 2012

Once again The Car Docs ( Scott() came through for me. When my car would not start once in a while, I left it with him a couple of days in hopes that it would do the same with him so he could trace the problem as he really did not want to do the process of elimination, which could be very costly to me. He found the problem and did me good. I would not take my car to anyone else. He has always treated me fair, never over charge, dosen’t suggest work to be done that is not needed. He advices me of things to do myself to prolong my auto. I just love him.


The Car Docs replied:

Your such a sweetheart Nancy! Fixing difficult automotive problems certainly has its rewards, but working for happy trusting customers is very fulfilling. Thank you for that Nancy.

 5stars molly or richard J Customer since 2010

As usual, great service that was fast and efficient.

 5stars CONNIE P Customer since 2010

Owner Scott is the best. Tells you exactly what’s needs to be done and what your options are. Honest and communications is great.

 5stars Chris C Customer since 2010

Great service as always.

 5stars Nick Z Customer since 2010

Great service!

 5stars NANCY S Customer since 2012

Once again Scott, owner of The Car Docs did me good. He was unable to duplicate my problem so was unable to diagnose actual cause for the car not to start one time. The car continuses to start everytime we/I try to start. He did not want to guess what might be a problem and charge me for all sorts of things that might not actually be a problem. He checked out the cars computers for errors and could not find any. We decided to hope and pray that it was just a fluke and will not happen again. Meanwhile he checked everything to make sure nothing else need service. Scott has always been very fair and has kept me safe. He is the man to see for auto service. Nancy Scott

 5stars Venita M Customer since 2010

Excellent Service, reasonable prices, and good explanations of what was done and what to anticipate in the future

 5stars JOHN M Customer since 2013

Always excellent service. Scott is always timely and explains things clearly.

 5stars BILL W Customer since 2013

The Car Docs is so convenient to find and Scott the owner is excellent at maintaining and fixing problems with my car. I trust him to make the right decisions and keep my car in great running condition. He is very knowledgeable and communicates what needs to be done so it’s understandable. I will continue to take my car there and recommend this place to anyone.

 5stars Aaron R Customer since 2010

I have been taking my car into Brian and Scott over the past few years and I have been very pleased with the service. Both of them are very skilled and honest about what work needs to be done. I would highly recommend the &#34;Car Docs&#34; for your service needs..


Aaron R.

 5stars Kacey K Customer since 2010

My car gave out on me, so I called the Car Docs and was able to bring my car in immediately for service! Scott and Brian are both INCREDIBLY knowledgeable of their profession and I really felt comfortable with my car in their care. They found the problem in a heartbeat and had my car in and out in the blink of an eye! Aside from being impressed by them as is, they were also really affordable! 🙂 I will recommend them to all my friends and family!!!

 5stars PAUL S Customer since 2010

Problem was diagnosed accurately and fixed promptly.

 5stars Lori R Customer since 2010

We were extremely happy with the service we received from the Car Docs. We plan on using them from now on for all of our cars and kids cars.