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The Car Docs is a locally owned and operated independent auto care and repair facility, proudly serving Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln and  surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and very competitive pricing. We back our service with a 24 month, 24,000 mile NATIONWIDE warranty, so our customers feel safe and worry free.

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Sacramento A-List Best Repair Top 5!

We are a NAPA Autocare Center.

We are a NAPA Autocare Center.

We are ASE Certified!

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We use quality Motorcraft parts.

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The Car Docs is a complete automotive care and repair facility. From oil changes to engine overhauls. All our repairs are backed by an unbeatable 24 month 24,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Call us at 916-934-5200 to schedule your appointment, whatever your vehicles needs may be.



Engine Diagnostics and Repair

Whatever need that your vehicles engine may have, we have the knowledge and the experience and the equipment to do the job right and get you back on the road.

From Starters and Alternators to Cylinder head gaskets and Engine overhauls, no job is too big or too small. We fix just about everything, and we back up all our repairs with an unbeatable 24 month 24,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Engine Diagnostics

Scheduled Maintenance

30K 60K 90K 105K and everything in between, factory recommended maintenance schedules can help extend the life of your car and prevent high cost auto repairs.

Changing your vehicles engine oil is the easiest way to prolong your vehicles engine life. Most vehicles using conventional motor oil should have it changed every five thousand miles. Using synthetic motor oil can extend your oil change interval. Our oil changes include a 27 point visual inspection, check and set tire pressure, check and top off all other fluids.

Your vehicle manufacturer came up with a maintenance schedule and service intervals that are specific to your car or truck. This schedule can be found in your owners manual.

Call us to make an appointment for your vehicles next scheduled maintenance!  916-934-5200
Oil & Filter

Transmission Services

Whether you drive a manual or automatic transmission, whether you need transmission maintenance or transmission repair. We have the skills and knowledge to get your vehicle fixed right and back on the road. From worn clutches, to fluid flushes and filter changes, we offer an extensive variety of in house transmission services.

Transmission Service

Check Engine Light

With today’s modern computer controlled engine management systems, the check engine light diagnostic is a large part of our everyday work load.

Contrary to popular belief, when your vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated, our technician does not plug your vehicle into a magic analyzer that tells us what is wrong with your vehicle.  It is quite the opposite actually.  Our technicians use tools like scanners, lab scopes, multimeters, vacuum gauges and fuel pressure gauges to get to the true root cause of your check engine light.

Above all, our technicians have a clear understanding of exactly how your vehicle’s systems function and use the skills they have mastered through years of training and experience to get your vehicle fixed right and on time.

Check engine light

Timing Belt

Every vehicle driving down the road has some type of physical link between its crankshaft (pistons) and its camshaft or camshafts (valves).  Most modern vehicles use a rubber belt (timing), some use a chain and few use gear to gear (gear drive).

Timing Belts are designed to be replaced before they break.  Depending on the vehicle’s manufacturer, most timing belts are recommended to be replaced at 60, 90, or 105 thousand miles.  In general, replacing a timing belt is not cheap, and if done improperly, can cause engine performance problems and possibly engine damage.  If a vehicle’s timing belt service interval is ignored or neglected and the belt breaks, a several hundred dollar job can quickly turn into a several thousand dollar job if the vehicle’s engine is of the interference type.

If unsure if your vehicle has a timing belt, consult your owners manual or call us at the shop.  We can tell you what your vehicle has and if and when it should be changed.

Call us today at 916-934-5200!

Timing Belt

A/C Services

A properly working HVAC system can be your best friend in the summer months here in California. We service all vehicle A/C systems from 1994 and up (R134a-R1234). If your vehicle is older than 1994 and uses R12, ask us about retrofitting your vehicle to R134a.
It is wise to have your Air Condition system checked by a licensed professional if it is not working as well as it should. Avoid the temptation to go to your local auto parts store and purchase a small, do it yourself can of freon for two reasons.

* These cans usually contain a “stop leak” or “conditioner” that will likely do more harm than good to your vehicles A/C system.

* Your vehicle may not need freon. Many things can cause your air conditioner to work poorly or not at all. A trained professional with the proper equipment can accurately diagnose your HVAC system, and help avoid costly mistakes.

Brake Services & Repair

A vehicles braking system is easily its most important system. Properly working brakes keep drivers and their family’s safe by allowing them to slow the speed of a vehicle or stop quickly in an emergency.

Improperly working brakes lengthen stopping distances, decrease a drivers ability to avoid road hazards, and increase the likelihood of an accident.

A normal brake job on a typical car with quality parts shouldn’t brake the bank, but it also cant be done for as little as $89.95.

A properly done brake job includes…

  • Changing the brake pads and or shoes with quality replacement parts.
  • Examining and cleaning all brake hardware.
  • Cleaning and lubing all metal contact points.
  • Resurfacing the rotors and or drums.
  • Torquing the wheels to spec.
  • Top off break fluid.
  • Thorough test drive.

Please call 916-934-5200 to make a brake inspection appointment.

Brake Pads


Brake Repair


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